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Take piano lessons anywhere you have a piano and an internet connection! Click below to schedule a complimentary interview to learn more about how Mary Ruth can help you to reach your musical goals.

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I've never taken piano lessons in my life!

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Sight Reading, Playing from Fake Books, Hymns, Improvisation, Popular Music

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Piano proficiency comes from following a step by step plan to help you to become the pianist you’ve always wanted to be.


Discus what piano lessons would look like for you at an interview.


Define your goals and choose a course of study to meet them.


Attend weekly personalized piano lessons crafted to your goals.


Enjoy playing the piano at a higher level knowing that your teacher will walk with you every step of the way. 


Schupbach Piano Studio is by far the highest quality music studio I have ever had the joy of experiencing. Mary Ruth's extensive knowledge of the piano and all of its aspects, when combined with her excellent variety of literature, produces enjoyable, stress-free learning that breeds solid results. When I began lessons at Schupbach Piano Studio just one year ago, I could scarcely read notes and played at a mediocre level three. Now I can understand notes without effort and produce level seven music. This studio is truly the best out there.
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