Learn to play the piano confidently and feel great about the progress you’re making. Experience the joy of making music. Learn piano anywhere you have a keyboard and an internet connection. Receive one-on-one private piano lessons from an experienced American piano teacher using the flexibility and technology of the internet.

Hi, I’m Mary Ruth Schupbach and I would love to teach you to play the piano. Together we will break down the art of playing the piano into achievable step by step goals. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to progress! All of this is possible by taking online piano lessons with Schupbach Piano Studio.


Online Piano LessonsWhy Online Piano Lessons?

Over the past few decades the internet has become more and more a part of our daily lives. We shop online, learn about new things, keep up with our friends, and even decide where to go to dinner using the internet. Schools use the internet for online courses and businesses often conduct training online. Now, we can use technology to give that personal touch through coaching and tutoring online. Online piano lessons couple the advantages of one on one private piano lessons with the broader reach of the internet. Distance is no longer an issue for attending piano lessons, because you can learn right in your own home, and it doesn’t matter where your piano teacher lives.

I have taught piano for 12 years and online piano lessons for over 7 years, and enjoy teaching students via the web. Generally, I find that students who take lessons online progress at the same pace as the students who come to my studio. In fact, online lessons are more efficient and more focused than lessons in person.

I use Skype for video calling. This lets me see and hear you play and is almost like being in the same room with you. During a typical lesson we review scales and songs, learn new concepts for playing and explore better practice strategies. We also study theory. After the lesson, I send you a copy of your assignment sheet for the coming week and usually a new scale.

During piano lessons you will:

  • Receive a notebook and books to keep you organized, motivated and learning.
  • Learn to read music.
  • Discover how to practice the piano in order to make your practice more effective.
  • Study music theory (and know why it’s important).
  • Learn music scales (Scales are the basis of fingering, technique and are important in theory).
  • Gain music vocabulary and recall the correct music terms and symbols instantly.
  • Enjoy a results and progress driven curriculum.
  • Have access to week-long practice support (All students are encouraged to call or email with questions.)
  • Take motivational weekly piano lessons.
  • Receive individual coaching for your individual musical goals.


How Online Piano Lessons Work

  • Assignments: will be emailed to you shortly after your lesson.
  • Scales: will be sent to you along with your assignment sheets, and reviewed at the next lesson.
  • Flash Cards: will be assigned and reviewed at each lesson.
  • You will learn new songs using a lesson curriculum that is a good fit for you. I view this as a starting place. If you have specific songs that you would like to learn, we’ll discuss if the level fits your skill level and include them as part of lessons.
  • Study piano theory through a great theory curriculum and reviewed during lessons
  • Work on your individual goals in piano. Do you want to be able to play a specific piece, or perform for friends? Perhaps you just want to be able to play for your own enjoyment. Maybe you would like your child to have a solid musical foundation to last the rest of their lifetime. No matter what you want to do with the piano, I believe that we can work together to achieve it.

You Will Need:

  • A web cam (often standard equipment on laptop computers, tablets and phones.)
  • Microphone (Again, this is often built in to laptops, tablets and phones.)
  • Skype, (an online phone service with video capability).
  • A piano or keyboard
  • A high speed internet connection. (If you can stream video, you can take piano lessons!)
  • An email address so that you can receive assignments. (I send assignments as attachments in PDF file format.)
  • A printer
  • A way to make payments online via PayPal, such as a credit or debit card, bank account or PayPal account. (I send you an email invoice through PayPal, and all of your financial information is protected through them.)
  • A mailing address for receiving books and materials