Abigail Jingle Bells

The year was 1850. The place: Medford Massachusetts. James Pierpont was relaxing with some friends in a local tavern, when inspiration hit him. That evening he wrote a song about the sleigh races that were so popular with the young folk during the winter months.  You guessed it! That song was Jingle Bells. It was an instant hit with the folks in Medford. The tradition of singing Jingle Bells spread all over. By the early 1880s, sleigh riding parties in Massachusetts to Laura Ingalls in DeSmet, South Dakota would sing this song to the accompaniment of sleigh bells as they rode and sang away winter afternoons through the streets of town. Jingle Bells remained popular into the 20th century. It was recorded on Edison’s cylinders, and later was recorded by Bing Crosby and other retro artists. In 1965 the crew of Gemini 6 recorded it in outer space!

About this Arrangement

This arrangement of Jingle Bells comes from the book Merry Christmas from Alfred’s Prep Course D. Thank you Abigail for sharing it with the world!

Christmas Joy Alfred Prep Course D

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