About Schupbach Piano StudioMary Ruth Schupbach has played the piano for more than 25 years. She has studied under several different teachers, and fully understands the need for the student and the teacher to be working toward the same goals. Always hungry to know more about music, she continued her education at the International Academy of Music in Indianapolis. While there, she studied many things including music theory, piano pedagogy and hymn history to name a few.  She has been teaching piano for over 12 years, and currently teaches in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Online Lessons

Seven years ago she expanded her teaching by offering piano lessons via Skype. During this time, she continued to teach lessons in her home studio. Eventually she started teaching completely online. As a private piano teacher, she does her utmost to motivate and encourage each student to reach their full potential. Another over arching goal is to help them to achieve their musical ambitions. During her teaching career, she has had the privilege of working with many different goals. Some of these goals have included helping a discouraged 11 year old to love music again and teaching a classically trained pianist to improvise.

When asked about piano teaching, she says, “I love my job, especially when I see the light bulb go on for a student. It doesn’t matter whether we learn how to find a “D” or discover how to express the emotions of a particular piece of music. Piano is FUN!”


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