Alice Silent Night

It was Christmas time in a little town in Austria. The church’s organ was out of repair, and the young priest wanted there to be beautiful Christmas music for the townspeople to celebrate the season. But how can we have beautiful music without our organ? He looked at a poem he had written titled Stille Nacht or Silent Night in English. There might be a way… He hurried off to see his good friend the schoolmaster. “Franz, do you think you could compose a melody to be sung by children and accompanied by guitar to go with these words?” he asked. Franz got right to work not only composing the melody, but teaching his students to sing it. Finally the big day arrived, Christmas Eve 1818. There was beautiful music at the service… a great new Christmas carol. Silent Night is simple, beautiful, pure music that set off the snow and fresh air.

Almost immediately famous folk singers in Austria began to add it to their repertoire and the song reached into palaces and living rooms and concert halls all over the world.

About this Arrangement

This arrangement of Silent Night comes from the book Christmas Silhouettes arranged by Dennis Alexander. Thank you Alice for sharing it with the world!

Christmas Silhouettes

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