Beginning Piano LessonI’ve never taken piano lessons before in my life! Don’t worry! Every single pianist has stood where you stand now: wanting to learn piano, but not knowing anything yet.

At the beginning, learning the piano is about mastering small skills.

There are three areas where you’ll gain knowledge.

  1. The instrument: What can the piano do? You’ll learn about how to press the keys to get the sound you want, and also a little bit about how your instrument works.
  2. The body: You’ll learn about how your hands and arms work when it comes to piano. Yes, we talk about posture and position, but the most important thing is that your hands can move to make beautiful music comfortably.
  3. The music: You’ll learn how music is written down on paper. You’ll learn how to read both rhythm and pitch with ease.

At each lesson you’ll learn a little more about one or more of these areas, building on the knowledge and skills you already know. I make it a point to tailor my teaching to your specific needs and questions so that you feel confident in each step toward piano mastery.

With practice and a desire to learn, it is my belief that every person can learn the basics of piano!

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