You already know how to play piano. But yet, there’s that one thing that you see your friends do on the keyboard, Play pianoand it seems like magic. “How do they do that?” “How can I learn to do that?”

Did you know that we can tailor your piano lessons to concentrate on the things you want to learn? Well, we can!

When you talk with me about starting lessons, mention the skills that you would like to concentrate on. If you’re a current student, talk to me about it at your next lesson. I’d love to help you out.

Here are some common skills that students want to learn.

Sight Reading

Sight reading is the ability to sit down at the piano and play a song you’ve never seen before. Those who have mastered this skill can play so well the first time that you may think that they’ve practiced for weeks. Think about reading a book aloud only instead of reading English, you’re reading music. I’ve written a whole article about Sight Reading and you can read it here.


Ah, those lucky folks who can play song after song that everyone knows. They change the style when someone starts singing so that they are now the accompanist instead of the soloist. It’s just a delight to listen to them, and deep down you always wanted to be that person! Improvisation is a very personal skill, everyone will improvise differently, but the basics can be taught. I like to start with fake books and learning about chords. Once you know the basics the sky is the limit!


Composition is writing your own music. There’s that song that you made up while you were doing the chores that time. It was so good, you didn’t want to lose it. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to put music to poems you write. How do you get these ideas on paper? How do you know if they’re any good? I can teach you the basics of how music is put together and we’ll practice putting those concepts into real music.

Playing Hymns

Church music is so pretty to listen to. It’s so engaging to sing with a pianist or a whole band. How do you play more than the 4 notes on the page? How do you play for people to sing? Playing hymns is about fingering, improvisation and practice. Enjoy this special style of music loved by generations!

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it gives you some ideas of what is possible. Take some time and think about the kind of a pianist you want to be. What skills do YOU want to learn?

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