So what equipment is necessary for taking lessons online? The list is short, and you probably already have several of the items.

A Piano or Keyboard

If you have a keyboard, it should have at least 64 keys and have a stand and dedicated place in your house. If you have to pull it out of a closet, you’ll never practice!

Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone

Basically, you just need a device that has a screen and can connect to the internet.

A Webcam

If your device has a camera, you’ll all set. If not, you can purchase a USB webcam separately. Here’s one I have used in the past with great success.

Connection to the internet

An email account

Skype installed on your device

Skype is a free video calling app. It combines the search-ability of social media with the connectivity of a phone. Plus it has video!

A printer

Assignments and extra materials are sent as PDF attachments. You’ll want to print them off for practice.

A Mailing Address

An online payment method

I use PayPal for invoicing students for lessons. You can pay with your PayPal balance or use any major credit card. (It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay invoices.)

When you’re setting up for lessons, make sure that the camera and speakers and microphone all work on Skype. You can check this on the “tools” tab inside the app.

Placement of the camera should be at a right angle to the piano. The camera should be looking the length of the keyboard. It should also capture your hands and arms and face. Here’s a picture of what the camera should see.Piano View

If you’re using a phone or tablet, It may be difficult to control the angle of the camera without holding it. A tripod for your device is super helpful. Here’s a link for a tripod that will work for several situations.

That sums up the equipment you’ll need to take piano lessons online.

Next, let’s talk about   What a piano lesson looks like

Do you have a specific question about equipment? Ask me about it!

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