Pick up the Piano AgainYou used to play the piano. Maybe you played when you were a kid, maybe years and years ago. You haven’t touched a piano in a long time, and wonder if you can still play at all. Maybe you stopped taking lessons because your favorite sport seemed more important at the time, and now you regret that decision, and would like to pick up the piano again.

Picking up the piano again is possible! I have helped many students in your exact shoes. We always start by knowing what you still remember. I’ll ask you to play some music and find your sight reading level. Once we know that, we can build from there, regaining the responsiveness of your hands, learning new music and increasing your level. You’ll be playing better than ever before you know it!

When you decide to pick up the piano again after years of not practicing, there are several tips that will help you enjoy your piano lessons more.

Stay positive!

You may have lost some of the ability you had back when. That’s completely normal and okay. Concentrate on what you still remember.


Sometimes there are some nerves around picking up an old skill. If you’re anything like me, you’ll tense up your shoulders a bit when you’re nervous or stressed. Relax! Tensing up makes it harder to move your fingers. Don’t believe me? Try tensing your arms and shoulders right now and try to wiggle your fingers as fast as possible. Now relax and wiggle your fingers as fast as possible. Feel the difference? Tensing also can cause pain and even injury. Take a minute before you start playing to be sure that your arms and shoulders are relaxed and that you feel comfortable.

Get excited!

As you progress you’ll be learning things you’ve never learned before. Get excited! Tell yourself the truth about what you’re doing. For example: “I just played 16th notes with ease!” or “I’m playing hands together!”

Are you ready to learn to play the piano better than you ever have in your life? Make an appointment for a 30 minute interview where we will talk about your journey in piano, your current goals in piano and how I can help you to achieve them.

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