Let me give you a glimpse into several aspects of taking piano lessons online. Each gives you a taste for what a piano lesson would feel like.

The Technology

Webcams and an internet connection allow students to take piano lessons anywhere in the world. We each have the Skype app installed on our devices and our webcams set so that we can see each other and each other’s pianos. (For a list of necessary equipment and ideas on how to set your equipment for lessons read the article here.) At the lesson time, I’ll call you with Skype. Once you answer, the lesson begins.

The Interview

During the interview we talk about your specific goals in piano. I’ll also ask about what you already know about the piano. We’ll take some time to talk about what piano lessons look like and go over my studio policy. Finally, together, we’ll choose a curriculum that will help you to meet your specific goals in piano. The whole interview takes about 30 minutes and is free of charge. You can make an appointment for an interview here.

A Typical Lesson Outline

Lessons vary with individual students. However, most lessons fall into a rhythm.

First, we warm up with a scale. Scales are important for understanding keys and fingering.

Second, we review the songs you’ve been practicing. Normaly there will be somewhere around 3 pages of music assigned each week. There will be at least one lesson book song. In addition you may be working on sheet music or a specific style or skill.

Third, we talk about your theory assignment. You’ll submit a picture of your theory before your lesson. I’ll grade it and email you with any feedback. At the lesson we talk about your next page.

Fourth I’ll assign new songs for practice in the coming week.

Finally, I’ll ask about your practice time over the past week.

This concludes the lesson.

Later on lesson day, you’ll receive an email with your new assignment, scale and any supplementary documents attached.

Special Events

I believe that music should be shared. I encourage each student to have at least 1 piece that they love memorized so that they can play it at a moment’s notice. We call these song “repertoire”.

I encourage performances in an organic natural setting. There are 4 categories of performances.

  1. Playing the song for 10 different people. (This can be live or over the phone.)
  2. Playing the song for 20 people or more at the same time.
  3. Playing the song on a public piano.
  4. Recording your song and posting on social media.

In addition, I coordinate online recitals for all students under 18.



How do payments work?

After the first lesson each month, I will send you an email bill for the coming month. You pay through PayPal using your PayPal balance or any major credit card. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay for lessons.) Note: I cannot give a piano lesson until payment is accepted. Alternatively, you can choose to be invoiced after each lesson.

Will a student progress at the same rate in Web Lessons and he/she would with a traditional piano teacher?

Yes! Web lessons are individually planned for each student, so that the student can progress at his own rate, often faster than expected.

Will the student be rewarded for progressing well?

Absolutely! I keep track of everything that the student accomplishes, and award points for things like, songs completed, memory work, practice time. Every 100 points equals $1.00. off the next materials purchase through the studio.

Is there some kind of objective evaluation of how the student is progressing?

Yes!  I keep track of everything that the student accomplishes. Every 26 lessons (approximately 6 months) I evaluate this data, and send out a progress report. This is meant to encourage the student, as he/she sees how much improvement has taken place, and also to point out what needs to be corrected.


Next: Learn about Piano Levels and how this framework of levels helps students to have a more solid grasp of piano (and also learn more quickly)

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