Jude Christmas Carols

Jude is playing a selection of Christmas Carols for his friends and family. First, Jingle Bells, the all time favorite song written about popular sleigh riding parties in Massachusetts.

Second, Jude plays Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly. This song has a long history. It was originally written in Welsh sometime in the 16th century, and was written about New Year’s Eve and love. In 1862, and English composer and lyricist rewrote the words in English to be about Christmas. He left the original Fa la la chorus to keep the original flavor and spirit of the song. It has become a favorite carol of Christmas time ever since.

Third, Jude plays Counting the Days. This song is an original by Nancy Faber, and is about the anticipation of Christmas time.

About the Arrangements

All three of these songs come from the book Pre Reading Christmas: A First Book for Piano by Randall and Nancy Faber.

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