Nicholas “O Little Town of Bethlehem”

An Episcopal Priest wrote O Little Town of Bethlehem in 1868. Because he liked the poem, he asked a member of his congregation to make a tune for it for Sunday School. One night, this man woke out of sleep by what he called “an angel strain” floating through his mind. He got up and immediately wrote the notes down on manuscript paper. The next day he harmonized it into proper music and it was played at the Sunday school. It was a complete surprise when a publisher asked to include it in a collection of hymns for a little book called The Church Porch. It has been a favorite Christmas song ever since.

About this Arrangement

This arrangement of O Little Town of Bethlehem comes from the book Merry Christmas 4 published by Glover. Thank you Nicholas for sharing it with the world!

Glover Merry Christmas 4

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