How To Practice Piano when you don’t have Time

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rsz_music-sheet-637860_1280How in the world can we carve out a big chunk of time to practice piano??!  Life just seems to hectic to add even one more thing!

I have found that the principle here is THAT you practice, not HOW LONG you practice. Here are some tips that may help you when you feel so swamped.

Piano Practice Strategies

  1. Be sure that your piano or keyboard is located where you pass by it frequently when at home. If it is more convenient, you will be more prone to sit down and play for a few minutes. I keep mine in my living room, only a few steps away from my desk.
  2. Keep your books on the piano or stacked within reaching distance from the bench. When your music is waiting for you it’s like having a plate of cookies on the kitchen counter. It will be devoured without thinking about it.
  3. Practice Piano for a minute whenever you have time. You know that extra 3 minutes before you have to leave for work, or that 5 minutes while you’re waiting for your Mom to call supper? Those are the times that you can sit down and practice a song or two.
  4. Know what to practice! If you are elementary level, work on just one song from your lesson. Be sure that you are thinking about your notes. If you are intermediate or advanced, your technique is a bigger priority. A scale or two, warm up or classical or challenging piece will keep your fingers limber and your muscles toned.
  5. Give yourself a tiny goal, for instance, learn one new measure, get this line hands together, work on the page turn, whatever. If you complete a tiny goal you will feel better about your progress even if it only took 3 minutes.
  6. Play something you are really good at, and that you enjoy. Try this when you are feeling down, and see if it won’t lift your mood. Or to reward yourself after a piano practice.  So, why not try it, get up and practice for 5 min, and see what happens!
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